Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aaaawwww... The Arts

You know how life can get really hectic, filled with all sorts of stuff, and one day you find yourself with a confused head filled with random subjects that have nothing in common such as buying laundry powder and the very healing effects of dancing like a mental person (... Oh! and I shouldn't forget to call Sandra for her Birthday... mmmm, I really like gardenias, maybe I should get some... What time is it? Omg! It's sooooo late!!!). Life becomes little slides of reality that somehow get you through the day... or days. I don't like feeling like that, confusion is not at all my style, or as a friend of mine would say "confusion is sooo last season". But there is always this one little humongous amazing thing that brings me back to a blissful life and that thing is called Art... Ooohhhhh how much do I adore making art, and by that I mean everything from baking a cake to editing a little homemade video, it is the act of creation that I consider to be the greatest medicine ever because when you are creating everything just happens to line up and you become an active member of the universe...
I realize I have built my life around the healing art of being creative, from the numerous "how to" articles I read a week to the creative fun spirit I so stubbornly keep bringing to my teaching... This week at my drama class (for elementary school kids) we made feeling masks. It started as such a confusing odd horrible kind of day, I got no sleep the night before because I had a lot of grading to do, grades were due this last Friday and on Thursday night I was on at full grading speed, Friday morning greeted me having to teach a 7am "Creativity" class at the College I work for and then I ran to the elementary school to teach 1st grade Visual arts . As if that was not enough stress, I realized I hadn't grade all their notebooks, and how on earth was I to teach them Visual Arts and grade their notebooks at the same time??!!!!... (AAAAHHHHHH!!!!)... Wait! The class before we were talking about expressing feelings through drawing... MASKS!!!... I pulled out some white paper and I "Let the wild rumble start"...  mmmmmm Blissful blissful art making happened... I cannot stress enough how much I adore to see my little students come to life through their drawings.

¿What has your creativity been up to this week?

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