Saturday, October 2, 2010

V... is very very extraordinary

If there is one thing I truly believe in is love. I believe love is the only thing that can really make a difference that lasts even through the darkest of times. I am a big fan of love, in all its presentations and packages, because you can find it in the most uncommon places and also right in front of your nose. The other day I saw something beautiful that left me with no words (and believe me, that is almost impossible, hehehe). I was walking down a wonderful cobblestone street in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato in México, it was a warm late evening and my two sisters in law and I were going to grab a bite to eat. We were in San Miguel for work, I was going to lead a workshop and as usual I was ready to let the wise voice of the world inspire me... and it did. As I was walking down that wonderful street I started hearing some singing, I turned around and there was this big family crossing the street. You could tell they had just closed down their little Quesadilla stand, every single member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest was carrying something, a table, chairs, an anafre (little grill where they put carbon in to make quesadillas), big bags, and the metal surface where the food is cooked. What astounded me the most was to see them all singing their hearts out, filled with joy, energy, willingness, and most of all love, pure singing love. What a beautiful lesson I learned that day, no matter how tired I can be or how heavy the weight that I am carrying is, there is always room for some singing and lots of love...

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