Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aaaawwww... The Arts

You know how life can get really hectic, filled with all sorts of stuff, and one day you find yourself with a confused head filled with random subjects that have nothing in common such as buying laundry powder and the very healing effects of dancing like a mental person (... Oh! and I shouldn't forget to call Sandra for her Birthday... mmmm, I really like gardenias, maybe I should get some... What time is it? Omg! It's sooooo late!!!). Life becomes little slides of reality that somehow get you through the day... or days. I don't like feeling like that, confusion is not at all my style, or as a friend of mine would say "confusion is sooo last season". But there is always this one little humongous amazing thing that brings me back to a blissful life and that thing is called Art... Ooohhhhh how much do I adore making art, and by that I mean everything from baking a cake to editing a little homemade video, it is the act of creation that I consider to be the greatest medicine ever because when you are creating everything just happens to line up and you become an active member of the universe...
I realize I have built my life around the healing art of being creative, from the numerous "how to" articles I read a week to the creative fun spirit I so stubbornly keep bringing to my teaching... This week at my drama class (for elementary school kids) we made feeling masks. It started as such a confusing odd horrible kind of day, I got no sleep the night before because I had a lot of grading to do, grades were due this last Friday and on Thursday night I was on at full grading speed, Friday morning greeted me having to teach a 7am "Creativity" class at the College I work for and then I ran to the elementary school to teach 1st grade Visual arts . As if that was not enough stress, I realized I hadn't grade all their notebooks, and how on earth was I to teach them Visual Arts and grade their notebooks at the same time??!!!!... (AAAAHHHHHH!!!!)... Wait! The class before we were talking about expressing feelings through drawing... MASKS!!!... I pulled out some white paper and I "Let the wild rumble start"...  mmmmmm Blissful blissful art making happened... I cannot stress enough how much I adore to see my little students come to life through their drawings.

¿What has your creativity been up to this week?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Warm and cozy breakfast...

You know how sometimes the things that nurture you the most are not necessarily the healthiest ones but the ones closest to your heart?... This morning I made a breakfast for our souls...
Here in México we have a very big culinary tradition, and one of its most famous ingredients is chocolate, yyyyuuuuummmmmm. This morning is a little chilly at home and so I decided to pump up the calorie intake as well as the heart caring and made some amazing natural semi-bitter almond hot chocolate accompanied by day of the death bread. Day of the death bread is my all time favorite, it is made with tons of butter and a little bit of orange zest, they make it into a bun shape and put little bones made out of the same dough on top, bake it and aftewards sprinkle it with sugar. That sweet, soft and citrusy taste brings back some wonderful memories of my childhood when I would wait all year long for the fall season when they start baking this bread, my mom and I would walk together to the bakery, which was not something usual since she was a single mother and spare time and money were a real luxury for us. She would grab my hand and we would walk the two blocks from our apartment to the bakery that all the sudden looked like a different and happier place than the one I saw everyday. The smell of the bakery could be sensed from a 1/2 a block away, and by the time we got to the bakery my cells were already having a party in my body, I was sooo excited about my bread!!! I would stare at the shelve where the day of the death bread was and carefully look for the perfect one to take home because we could only afford one. We would pick the "chosen" one and I would carefully carry it back home. Mom would prepare the hot chocolate with lots of milk and we would sit at the table with our "chosen" bread in between. Step one was to cut the bread in half and eat the deeply desired ball on the top of the bread (which was the yummiest part, go figure why). The morning would finish with both of us laughing at everything including how good our breakfast was while we would wet our fingers and dip them into the left over sugar on the plate....
I love my mom...

Do you also have food for your soul?

Chocolate caliente and a molinillo.
The plates and cups were eagerly waiting too
The wait is over!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

V... is very very extraordinary

If there is one thing I truly believe in is love. I believe love is the only thing that can really make a difference that lasts even through the darkest of times. I am a big fan of love, in all its presentations and packages, because you can find it in the most uncommon places and also right in front of your nose. The other day I saw something beautiful that left me with no words (and believe me, that is almost impossible, hehehe). I was walking down a wonderful cobblestone street in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato in México, it was a warm late evening and my two sisters in law and I were going to grab a bite to eat. We were in San Miguel for work, I was going to lead a workshop and as usual I was ready to let the wise voice of the world inspire me... and it did. As I was walking down that wonderful street I started hearing some singing, I turned around and there was this big family crossing the street. You could tell they had just closed down their little Quesadilla stand, every single member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest was carrying something, a table, chairs, an anafre (little grill where they put carbon in to make quesadillas), big bags, and the metal surface where the food is cooked. What astounded me the most was to see them all singing their hearts out, filled with joy, energy, willingness, and most of all love, pure singing love. What a beautiful lesson I learned that day, no matter how tired I can be or how heavy the weight that I am carrying is, there is always room for some singing and lots of love...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome... a new adventure begins.

Dear reader,
It is a lovely evening here at home, the pets (2 dogs and a cat who you will very soon fall in love with) are pleasantly sleeping as I type the first few words of my very own blog. Thank you for willingly becoming a witness of this creative and fun journey. As I star opening the door to the beauty in my life I leave you with an image.

Off to joining some creative paths...

Estimado lector,
Es una tarde hermosa en nuestro hogar, los animales (2 perras y un gato de quienes pronto te enamorarás) duermen plácidamente mientras you escribo las primeras palabras de mi blog. Gracias por convertirte en un espectador de este viaje creativo y muy divertido, por desición propia. Al mismo tiempo que comienzo a abrir la puerta que te mostrará la belleza de mi vida te dejo con una imágen.

Camino a acompañar travesías creativas...

What kids of things make you feel at peace?

¿Qué tipo de cosas te hacen sentir en paz?